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Business Services include but not limited to Accounting, Commissioner for Oaths,
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11.  Word of Mouth

Word of mouth advertising (happy clients referring their family or friends to us) accounts for roughly 65% of our clientele. In some cases, clients have even cancelled contracts with other companies in order to become Active Professionals clients.

12. Licensed Employment Agency

Our services go beyond simply assisting you in obtaining a visa. We also offer our employment services to all of our clients. We are a Licensed Employment Agency, authorized by Government of Alberta.  Please keep in mind that not every Immigration Consulting Company has this additional service.   We try to get quality jobs in Canada with reputable companies. Of course, this is a separate service from Canadian Immigration.

13. Guarantee

It is illegal to use the word “Guarantee” in a Canadian immigration consulting business. The Government of Canada, Immigration Officer, has the final authority to approve or refuse an application. As ethical Immigration Consultants, we do not provide any kind of guarantee for success but at the same time we do not accept every file from our office. An initial assessment is a strict rule for immigration clients before we accept the file. In the past, we have refused many of cases where we think that client will be wasting his money and time. We make more friends telling the truth up front.

14. Professionals Office Location

We believe that this is one of the most important reasons for choosing Active Professionals. There are many other individuals or companies who operate from home basements or have only cell phone number or have post office box addresses or virtual office addresses (giving spurious impression that they actually have a commercial address) - or offer to meet you in Tim Horton’s coffee shop.  We, however, have established professional quarters in a commercial office location. Our doors open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 4:30 p.m. We have multi line telephone systems and independent fax number which is available to fax 24/7. We are conveniently located, near the city centre, where parking is still free of charge!.

15.  Prompt Service

We are able to meet with you on short notice. For emergency cases, we take the time to accommodate you, even on the same day. For routine cases, we may book an appointment for you on the same day or the next working day. From the time you retain us, we get on with your case and file it forthwith. We are fully aware that waiting is stressful and we respect that our clients’ time is important.

16.  Flexible Payment Plans & Competitive Fees

We offer flexible payment plans as per your financial needs. We normally do not request the entire fee at once, unless it is a small amount. Money is never an issue with us. Our main goal is to provide you with outstanding service in the hopes that you will give us a referral in the future.

The majority of our clients are referred through other satisfied clients and by word of mouth. Our fees are clearly set out in our retainer agreement.  Our fees are on a pre-arranged flat fee basis, which our clients to accurately budget their expenses with no unexpected costs. We use plain language and request that our clients read the agreement twice before they sign and we answer any questions you have to make sure you are comfortable with the agreement. We always tell our clients to read before they sign any document, this will make your life easier.

We endeavor to keep fees as low as possible so that they are proportionate to the complexity of the client’s file. Our fees are up to 60% less when compared to those of other Canadian firms. We have even been open to bartering arrangements. For example a client who owns a printing press recently retained out services for his parents’ sponsorship application

We used his service to print our business cards and letterheads. On another occasion we traded services with a computer technician.  When we consider bartering services we have a Strict Policy that no straight exchanges of services will be performed. You pay for our service, we give you an official receipt and when we need your services we will pay you upon receipt of a proper invoice from you. We believe in a win/win situation.

We always ask our clients who own businesses to leave their business cards so we can pass them on to other clients. In this way your business/profession gets free advertising.

17.  Personal Approach

Our staff is committed to provide individual and personalized service. We take the time to get to know our clients. Once we understand the problem we tell the client in plain language about their options and our recommendations. We are a group of effective listeners. We listen to our clients, as we believe that effective listening is crucial in the best service.

18.  One Stop Paralegal, Immigration & Business Services   

We provide a complete range of Paralegal, Immigration and Business Services. Please visit our web page “Services”. Our goal is to provide one-stop Paralegal, Immigration and Business Services through our office. We often refer our clients, without any referral fee, to an appropriate professional if we cannot help.

19.  Accessibility

You can reach us either in person (where applicable), by e-mail or by telephone. We even take phone calls during lunchtime. After office hours we have a professional voice mail system. You can fax us 24 hours a day and we review our e-mails first thing in the morning.  Throughout the day all voice messages and e-mails are answered promptly. Our central location makes it easy to find us.  We are close to downtown without the downtown hassles. There is ample free parking and public transit (bus #3) stop is very close to our building.

We are open 5 days a week with the possibility of Saturdays to accommodate our clients who can’t spare time during weekdays. There is also a possibility of after-hours appointments during weekdays if you are unable to meet us during regular office hours. We will try to accommodate your work schedule as best we can by booking appointments at late afternoons or on Saturdays. See where we are located by visiting us at the “Contact Us” page.

20.  Choice of Services  

Depending on your needs you have a choice of services that can be tailored specifically to your case. You can either retain Active Professionals to handle your file from A to Z, or provide you pre-submission services. One of the best things about our company (unlike some companies in Canada) is our flexibility – depending on how much work you want us to perform and how much money you are willing to spend on your project.  We are here to help you, even when you want to handle an immigration file on your own, but are stuck with some questions. We offer either in-person or telephone consulting.

We will never force you to retain our services. However, we ask you to keep in mind that one minor mistake can delay any file or have it be rejected completely.

21.  Information

Our website summarizes basic information regarding main categories, frequently asked questions and details about Canada.  We do not state that our services are “better than another company”, “we have the best service” or “our success rate is the best.” As the client, you decide whom to retain for your file.


22.  Cultural Sensitivity  

Our staff has come from different countries and has traveled around the world. Our clientele base is equally diverse; hailing from Canada, United States of America, Mexico, England, Pakistan, New Zealand, Algeria, Congo , India, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Guyana, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Vietnam, Philippines, Haiti, Morocco, Ireland, F.R.G., Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, Portugal, Austria, Somalia, Kenya, Syria, Italy, Columbia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Poland, Ethiopia, Germany, Singapore, Romania, Guatemala, C.A., Tunisia, Ghana, Cuba, Macedonia, Tanzania, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Fiji, Venezuela, Lebanon, Poland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, and Jordan (we apologize if any of our clients’ countries are not on this list).

It is very difficult for us to answer when someone asks: “Which community or country do you deal with?” When asked this question, our response is: “We deal with the worldwide community.”

We treat all of our clients equally with respect regardless of their religious belief or personal/political opinions. Active Professionals strictly follows the Human Rights Guidelines and treats Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish or any other religion equally. At Active Professionals, all races (White, Brown, Black or Asian) and all sexual orientations (Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual) get the same respect that all human beings deserve. At Active professionals, our diversity is our strength.   

23.  Creative & Practical Advice

It may be easy to complete any do it yourself kit, particularly for immigration and paralegal services; however, the more difficult aspect is applying the legal principles in creative and practical ways to achieve your short and long-term objectives. We take pride in our ability to meet this challenge. Before we give an opinion, make a recommendation or advance an argument on your behalf, we always consider the practical implications.  

24.  Proactive Solutions

We encourage clients to seek professional advice before problems arise. Sometimes clients try to deal with their problems on their own to save the retainer fee but end up complicating their case. If you were purchasing your first home, wouldn’t you want to retain the services of a Professional MLS Realtor to ensure that the job is done right and that there are no unforeseen "surprises" when you take possession of the property?  Let’s give you another example: We all know how to use scissors, but we still go to a hairdresser!  Using the professional services we offer to assist you with your paralegal, immigration and business requirements makes equal sense.

Since our establishment in 1999, the firm has been approached by countless individuals who stated that they knew that they were qualified to immigrate to Canada and had all of the necessary documents. Many of these individuals went ahead and applied for Permanent Residence in Canada on their own and were unsuccessful, losing valuable time and money.  

Life is very short. You do not have time to make mistakes, so avoid mistakes when you can. Someone says, it is wise to learn from your mistakes but it is wiser to learn from others’ mistakes. Clients can avoid disappointment and painful costly appeals (in case of immigration work) or audits (in case of accounting work) with careful preparation and planning. By helping you take a proactive approach to immigration, paralegal and business issues, we can save you time, money and aggravation.

25.  Nomination from American Biographical Institute Inc (ABI)

Our Senior Consultant, Anwar Rehman, was selected as a “Man of the year in 2005” from the Board of Directors for Great Minds of the 21 Century - a volume by the American Biographical Institute Inc, that focused on those who have proved the ability to be great leaders and thinkers, and have been recognized and celebrated because of outstanding accomplishments and contribution to society.

26.  Nomination from the Heritage Registry of Who’s Who

Our Senior Consultant, Anwar Rehman, has been proudly selected in the Heritage Registry of Who’s Who in recognition of his endeavors and contributions to this organization and efforts to be the better Canadian Business Community.

27.  The Brick Certificate

Every new client who signs the Retainer Agreement will receive “The Brick Builder/Contractor Pricing Certificate”. With this Exclusive Purchase Certificate you are entitled to any Brick Merchandise at Special Contractor Prices from Commercial Sales Division at 9565 MacLeaod Trail South Calgary, Alberta. The certificate will enable you to choose from hundreds of brand name furniture and electronic items.

28.  Referral Program 
Our Referral Program will allow you to save money towards your fee by passing our name to your friends and relatives. The referral of your friends and family is the greatest compliment you can give us. This Referral Program is limited to clients who have retained our services and have an active file. This is another way Active Professionals offers our client to reduce their fee further. Ask us for details.

As a client, we will give you preference if you are interested in working with us as a Referral Agent, Translator/Interpreter or any other salaried position that becomes available. Visit our “Work With Us” page for details.

29.  Network

We have developed an excellent network of US Immigration Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Web Page Designers, Data Base Administrators, Bankers, I.T. Professionals, Lawyers, Auto Dealers, Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants (CSIC Members), Job Search Clubs, Travel Agents, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Translators/Interpreters and other professionals who can provide you the best guidance and network needed for you to start a new life in Canada. We can quickly put you in the hands of other advisors if the need arises, without any referral fee to you.

30. Free Mini Vacation Value of $800

Every client who takes our services for a minimum of $1500.00 at one time* may be eligible to receive a VIP Guest Pass Certificate for Fairmont Vacations Villas or B.C.(Depending on eligibilty and availability) to stay free of charge 4 days & 3 nights during weekdays (3 days and 2 nights for weekend) at villa anytime of year except summer months (may pay very minimum cost during summer months).

How often have you heard of a consulting business offering a benefit like this?





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